Ask Medforall - Alexa Skill


Ask Medforall to open the door.

Ask Medforall for assistance.

Medforall Alexa Skill is designed to provide two basic benefits to individuals with disabilities. One set of commands connect the individual to his/her care team, and the other set allows the user to securely control home automation and assistive devices to promote a higher degree of independence and quality of life.

You can use any Alexa enabled device to coordinate your care, control home automation devices, and more.

What can you do with the Medforall skill on Alexa?

Coordinate Care

You can use Alexa to stay connected to your agency provider. This skill is designed to empower you by getting you a direct line of communication to those responsible for your service delivery.

Example commands:

Alexa, Ask Medforall for assistance.

Alexa, tell Medforall I need coverage next Monday between 3PM and 10PM.

Alexa, ask Medforall who is working with me next.

Control Assistive Devices

You can use any Alexa enabled device to open or close almost any door opener*.

Example commands:

Alexa, Ask Medforall to open the front door.

Alexa, Ask Medforall to leave the back door open for 5 min.

Alexa, Ask Medforall to close the door.

* To control assistive devices through the Medforall skill on Alexa you will need a Medforall Hub. Medforall Hub is a connection gateway for all smart home and assistive devices that can be controlled via the Medforall Alexa skill.

You can obtain a Medforall Hub upon the completion of our initial assessment. The result of this assessment allows us to better understand your needs and level of comfort utilizing technology.

To set up your free consultation please email us at:

Please note: Currently, our home automation services requiring the use of a Medforall Hub are only available in the state of Ohio through Ohio At Home Healthcare Agency. If you are outside the state of Ohio and would like this feature, please email us a request to be added to the waiting list. We will then notify you when we begin offering services in your area.

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