High-quality patient care increasingly relies on accurate and meaningful communication mediated by connected devices and health care providers.


Next generation in-home health care

Medforall is a health care collaboration framework that connects remote monitoring, assistive technologies, and health care personnel as they address the complex operational challenges faced by the health care industry.
Remote support
Medforall's assistive devices are equipped with Voice and Video Services, such as Amazon’s Alexa, making them intuitive to operate. We provide a greater degree of control to our clients through the use of remote home automation and instantaneous communication services available at home and in the community.

Voice command recognition and emergency detection

Remote home automation

Multiple layers of redundancy

Automatic documentation

Remote monitoring
Medforall provides a higher degrees of patient safety using intelligent monitoring methods that actively discover and learn persistent client behaviors and their environment. Our network of assistive devices and sensors allow for continuous remote monitoring, ensuring that a rapid, patient-centered response to any given situation is never more than a few minutes away.

Personalized devices

24/7 on-call support

Voice and Face Recognition

HIPAA compliant

Collaboration platform
Medforall collaboration platform is an interactive network of applications and intelligent devices that make it easy to collect and distribute pertinent information between personal care assistants, health care professionals and care coordinators. Access to actionable health care insights promotes a more effective care delivery by supporting point-of-care decisions.

Online documentation and reporting

Proactive Intelligent Scheduling

Seamless provider dispatching

VPN and Private Network options available for enhanced security


Provide high-quality and cost-effective patient-centered care

Medforall's client portal is an interactive platform that promotes patient-centered planning and encourages patient involvement in their continuum of care.

Boosts productivity and improve outcomes

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Our Mission

Medforall’s ecosystem of intelligent technological solutions is designed to improve the quality of life and independence for each individual with cognitive or physical disabilities. Everyday we work to lower the cost and improve the quality of care for those we serve. Our mission is to empower both health care providers and their clients to reach their full potential by providing them with the appropriate tools and technologies necessary to deliver and receive the best quality care.

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