High-quality patient care increasingly relies on accurate and meaningful communication mediated by connected devices and healthcare providers.


Next generation in-home healthcare

Medforall uses sensors, voice-activation, video and other technologies in innovative new ways to ease the burden on every part of an individual with a disability's support system — from family members, to personal care providers, and to the county and state agencies that fund these services.

Remote support

Medforall provides an intelligent activity monitoring alternative that lessens dependence on in-person care, encourages integration into the greater community, while also providing a necessary, responsive safety net.
Constant connection to loved ones
Team support via voice and video
Coverage during difficult-to-staff hours

Assistive Technology

With Medforall, in-home care is reduced and independence is gained. We allow individuals to connect with care givers or emergency services when needed. Our assistive devices are equipped with Voice and Video Services, such as Amazon’s Alexa, making their operation intuitive.
Independence without sacrificing safety
Emergency detection and prevention
Easy to integrate into daily use

Collaboration platform

Our interactive network of applications and intelligent devices make it easy to collect and distribute pertinent information between personal care assistants, healthcare professionals and care coordinators. Access to actionable healthcare insights promotes a more effective care delivery by supporting point-of-care decisions.
Online documentation and reporting
Proactive Intelligent Scheduling
Seamless provider dispatching

Provide high-quality and cost-effective patient-centered care

Medforall's client portal is an interactive platform that promotes patient-centered planning and encourages patient involvement in their continuum of care.

Boosts productivity and improve outcomes

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Medforall was created with a simple mission:

We believe technology can improve the lives of individuals with disabilities in amazing new ways. Not in the distant future, but today.

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