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Medforall provides an intelligent activity monitoring alternative that lessens dependence on in-person care, encourages integration into the greater community, while also providing a necessary, responsive safety net.

Remote support

With Medforall, in-home care is reduced and independence is gained. We allow individuals to connect with care givers or emergency services when needed. Our assistive devices are equipped with Voice and Video Services, such as Amazon’s Alexa, making their operation intuitive.

Collaboration platform

Our interactive network of applications and intelligent devices make it easy to collect and distribute pertinent information between personal care assistants, healthcare professionals and care coordinators. Access to actionable healthcare insights promotes a more effective care delivery by supporting point-of-care decisions.

This contact page is not intended for emergency purposes.​ If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please go to your nearest medical facility emergency room or call 911.

This is just

the beginning.

Medforall continues to use assistive engineering to enhance in-home care and smart community support.

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